Download LDS Organization Charts

Before you install the app, you need to create your callings file, that lists the callings in your unit. The best tool to use is a spreadsheet like Excel, as it will format it into columns, making it easier to edit it your calling information.

To get started quickly, download our default callings template, that contains all the standard callings for you. All you will need to do is add the names, sustained date and set apart information, the rest is pre-populated for you. If you have callings not listed, add those lines, and delete the lines for callings you don't want to show.

1a. Download callings template file (Ward) or 1b. Download callings template file (Stake)

The key benefit is that you specify which member of the Bishopric (or Stake Presidency) is responsible for which organization. This hightlights not only the interview load on a counselor, but also helps the Bishop to delegate as much as possible.

You can print and enlarge this to wallchart size, or save it as an electronic PDF document for your device. You can also use it to show the callings that are vacant and need to have a member assigned to fill them, simply by leaving the name, sustained date and set apart fields blank (see Assistant Clerk callings in the Callings Template File above).

Some units are using it for their Auxillaries and Priesthood Leaders. For example, your Primary President can use it to see her teachers, and how best to delegate responsibility to counselors. Priesthood and Relief Society leaders are using it to visually organize their HT and VT assignments with District Leaders and Supervisors.

This is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10

2. Install App